Album Review: Moral Instruction – Falz

by SoundStroke Sonicon June 17, 2019
SONIC SOUL! The Moral Instruction album was released January 14th of this year. The is the most politically inclined albums of Falz. This is Falz really angry and being fueled by the need to be listened to. Falz is arguably the current best rapper in Nigeria and he has been that for a while now. ...
Review: Falz - Follow Follow

Review: Falz – Follow Follow

by SoundStroke Sonicon January 24, 2019
SONIC EXPERIENCE! “Ha, oh, eeh, eehHa, shakara po alakoriEmi ti mi o lowo la po miFollow follow wan kill the boyE just dey go like zombieOG na God I take begUna no go fit to stop my fake flexMy phonetics my complexTeacher don’t teach me nonsenseMe I want to rock the latestShey you no ...