by Soundcheckon January 8, 2020
Charlie is the first track off Simi’s ‘Omo Charlie Champagne, Vol. 1’ album. This track is dedicated to her dad as she misses him. Let’s get to the review.  0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest
Review: Simi - Move On

Review: Simi – Move On

by SoundStroke Sonicon May 20, 2019
SONIC BOOM! Lyrics: Simi – Move On “Carelessly loving you… Baby …is the worst thing I could do. Baby You tore my heart in two, baby E dey pain E dey pain It’s unbelievable, bae The thing wey you dey do, bae Sweet but hard to chew like. Sugarcane, sugarcane-cane Shebi...

Review: Simi - Charlie

Review: Simi – Charlie

by SoundStroke Sonicon May 7, 2019
SONIC SOUL! “Have been trying to write you a song for years But am not sure what to say Can’t stop crying although you’ve been gone for years I wish that you could have stayed see I walked on air just the other day But you weren’t there oti walk away I’m not mad oo [...