Review: Blackface – Ife

by SoundStroke Sonicon September 25, 2019
SONIC EXPERIENCE!  Blackface is serious about his return. Moreso that he went as far as naming his forthcoming album “The Return”. After not being consistent for a while in the music industry, Blackface has decided it was time to get serious and consistent. ‘The Return’ al...
Review: African Queen - Blackface

Review: African Queen – Blackface

by SoundStroke Sonicon September 19, 2019
SONIC EXPERIENCE! Blackface does not seem like he is going to be letting up one single bit. He keeps on insisting that 2baba is the villain of the story. According to him, 2Baba stole his song (African Queen). What actually piques our interest is why it took him this long to release his own versi...

Review: BlackFace - War (2Baba Diss)

Review: BlackFace – War (2Baba Diss)

by SoundStroke Sonicon March 19, 2019
SONIC EXPERIENCE! “giddem a warif them say them want somea bounty pon him head but me no need no ransomegiddem a warcock me gun fee action ready fe burst a batty boy with me lyrical tantrumsgiddem a warif dem say dem want somea bounty pon them head but me no need no ransomegiddem a warcock ...